River Heights – Fort Garry Ward Candidates’ Websites

Statements related to Transportation and AT from the candidates’ official websites. Main categories are; Active Transportation, Streets, Public Transit. If not present, the candidate’s website had no mention of the topic:

John Orlikow -

  • STREETS – “…[M]ake sure that more funding will be used to fix our streets and back lanes”. “…[E]nhance the [Academy Road] neighbourhood by creating a walk-able street to shop, meet friends and that reflects the neighbourhood’s pride”.  “…[C]ommitted to getting the Waverley Underpass built. (website)

Taz Stuart -

  • STREETS – “… [W]iden the Pembina Underpass to three (3) lanes going north no matter what the end result of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) becomes. …[W]iden Kenaston to three (3) lanes in both directions from Taylor Ave to Academy Road. “… [I]nvestigate the cost of an overpass or underpass at the Waverley St rail road tracks….” “An announcement on my proposal to fund these projects will come out in the next few weeks”. (website)
  • PUBLIC TRANSIT – “…[R]e-assess the BRT route and model to serve all residents of the City of Winnipeg. I would propose that all routes be worked on at the same time so all residents receive the benefits of BRT at the same time. This will be funded through the proposed funding model and started within the first 3 years offering the City Bonds”. (website)

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    1. Your statements related to transportation and AT along with link to website have been posted. Thank you for contacting us.

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